A Second Set of Psalm and Hymn Tunes (Thomas Clark)

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General information


Thomas Clark's A Second Set of Psalm & Hymn Tunes was published in 1806. The first issue of the book was printed for the author by James Peck, and was entered at Stationers' Hall on 29 March 1806. The work is also dated 'Peck Engraver Lombard Street LONDON. 1806' at the end of the last piece, 'The Pilgrim's Song', on p59. The work was later reissued by John Whitaker & Co. of 75, St. Paul's Church Yard, London.

Publication date and place: 1806 by John Peck in London

Description of contents

The collection consists of 31 metrical psalm or hymn tunes, and three set-pieces (through-composed settings of metrical texts).

The music is laid out in full score with the soprano air next to the bass. The treble clef is used for soprano, alto, and tenor parts, with both the alto and tenor parts being notated an octave above sounding pitch. The vocal bass part is figured.

An advertisement published in A Second Set of Psalm & Hymn Tunes notes:

Lately Published by the same COMPOSER.

A (First) SETT of PSALM and HYMN TUNES, with some select PIECES, and an ANTHEM. Composed in a familiar style, & figured for the Piano Forte &ca. Pr. 5s.

A SETT of PSALM TUNES, with Symphonies, and an instrumental Bass, adapted for the use of Parochial or Country CHOIRS. Figured for the Organ &ca. Pr. 5s.

NB. Should this work meet the approbation of the Public as generally as those abovementioned, it will be the Author's endeavour to merit a continuance of the same liberal encouragement in the publication of a THIRD SETT of PSALM and HYMN TUNES &ca.

List of works

Pages Tune name Text
011 Deddington Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name
022 Guildford For ever here my rest shall be
033 Henley My heart and flesh cry out for thee
044 Kensington And let this feeble body fail
055 Leyburn O that thou wouldst the heavens rent
066 Pickering How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
077 Malden With reverence let the saints appear
088 Sandgate How long wilt thou conceal thy face
099 Ivybridge Awake my soul, awake mine eyes
1010-11 Farnham Thou friend of sinners, hear my cry
1112-13 Overton Sweet to rejoice in lively hope
1214 Newton Sinners, obey the gospel word
1315 Eastbourne Behold the path that mortals tread
1416-17 Tunbridge Jesu, thy blood and righteousness
1518-19 Walsingham Flow fast, my tears, the cause is great
1620 Ramsgate Now to the Lord a noble song
1721 Stow The Lord my shepherd is
1822-23 Waltham My saviour and my king
1924 Ashford When shall thy love constrain
2025 Burton Now begin the heavenly theme
2126 Croydon Rejoice evermore with angels above
2227 Driffield Lo, he comes with clouds descending
2328 Worship How pleased and blest was I
2429 Coventry O God, thy faithfulness I plead
2530 Halton Come, Lord, from above, the mountains remove
2631 Ledbury Leader of faithful souls and guide
2732-33 Judgment The God of glory sends his summons forth
2834-35 Hatfield Come and let us sweetly join
2936-37 Ebley Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness
3038-39 Pastoral My shepherd's mighty aid
3140-41 Dismission Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing
3242-45 Refuge My hiding place, my refuge tower
3345-52 Kingston Firm was my health, my day was bright
3452-59 The Pilgrims Song Guide me, O thou great Jehovah

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