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The Multi-Site Search tool provides essentially the same functions of the normal search tool available on wiki websites based on the MediaWiki engine. It is "Multi-Site" because it performs the search in parallel on both the CPDL and the IMSLP websites, submitting the same keyword (or keywords) to both. The source of each result (either CPDL or IMSLP) is also shown.

Most of the advanced search tips available for the normal search tool also apply to the Multi-Site Search tool. However, a couple of additional functions are provided by the Multi-Site Search:

  • if multiple keywords are entered, separated by blanks, and the "All words in page title" search option is selected, a list of pages having all keywords in the page title will be shown;
  • short keywords (3 characters or less) can be also used.

Results are ordered alphabetically within the page shown. If results are numerous, they are presented on multiple pages. In this case, the alphabetical order is maintained within each page only, not among multiple pages, as results on multiple pages are provided by each website according to its own internal order, not according to an overall alphabetical order.