Request:Vide Domine (Jan Dismas Zelenka)

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Title: Vide Domine

Composer: Jan Dismas Zelenka

Date of request: 2006-10-29

Requested by: Kurtis Kroon

Additional notes: Reiche's catalog lists this item as ZWV 179: canon à 4, Cantilena circularis 'Vide Domine' in C, written in 1722. G.P. Telemann included it—or a slightly altered version—in his collection of music lessons Der Getreue Music-Meister, where it's called "Canon mit 14 Verkehrungen, gesetzt von Mr. Zelenka".

Status: Completed

Date completed: 2007-11-18

Volunteer: Kurtis Kroon

Location of requested score: Vide Domine, ZWV 179 (Jan Dismas Zelenka)