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Composer's real name

According to many sources, L.B.Est was a title/pseudonym used by Stefan Stocker (1795-1882?), an Austrian composer:

"In diesem Gottesdienst singt die Chorgemeinschaft die Missa brevis „Lauda Sion“ des südtiroler Komponisten L.B. Est (1795-1886). Begleitet wird der Chor von einem Orchester mit Flöte, Klarinetten und Streichern. Der Komponist dürfte den wenigsten bekannt sein. Es handelt sich dabei um einen Bassisten mit Namen Stefan Stocker, der als Pseudonym seine Berufsbezeichnung und seinen Namen abkürzte; so steht L.B. Est für Land Bassist Stocker."

According to the text above, he didn't have the intention to hide behind a pseudonym, it was just a work title by which he was known back then. Should we stick to the composer's real name instead of his pseudonym? —Carlos Email.gif 04:41, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

Ordinarily, I'd say just go ahead and make the change but since there is a single contributor of this composer's works (Manfred Hoessl), it might be a good idea to see if he knows anything first. May I ask the source of the text you have quoted above, Carlos? It sounds like it's come from a choir's programme notes - is it entirely reliable? Anyway, if you're sure "L.B. Est" was a pseudonym and he used his real name most of the time then, sure - go ahead and change it. In the case of pseudonym by which a composer was generally known, we've kept that pseudonym as the page title, eg. Peter Warlock. --Bobnotts talk 20:45, 9 December 2008 (UTC)
Ok Rob, but I will contact Manfred first as you suggested, as it would be interesting if he made the same correction or at least a remark on his page. BTW, the text above came from what seems to be a local church magazine ( though the alias information can be found in many other places. —Carlos Email.gif 21:21, 9 December 2008 (UTC)