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General description

A music publication page is included in the Category Music publications. A music publication

  • Is a book, score, or pamphlet
  • Has several to many works
  • Contains a title page usually stating the publisher or editor, and often the date.

A music publication is not the same as a work, although there is some overlap between the two concepts. Usually a work is included in the original (first) publication, and may also be included in other publications that follow the first one.

The publication… …contains these works
The Continental Harmony (William Billings) Adams
Broad Cove
Terzo libro di madrigali a 5 voci (Orlando di Lasso) L'alto signor dinanzi a cui
Amor mi strugge'l cor
Dicesi che la morte
Quanta invidia ti porto avara terra
Questi son lasso
Scorgo tant'alto il lume
Se si alto pon gir mie stanche rime
La vita fugge
What is appropriate?
Category or Template Publi-
Category:Sheet music No Yes
Category:Music publications Yes No
Template:{{Composer}} No Yes
Template:{{Lyricist}} No Yes
Template:{{Published}} No Yes
Template:{{PubDatePlace}} Yes No

Each of the works in the second column has a link to the publication page within its Published line.

usually includes music first published there. There are other categories of music publication pages, though, including

  • Reference publications
  • Lyrics publications

Titles of publication pages

Publication pages should be given a title as short as possible, so the publication can be distinguished from others. For example, on the original title page of Southern Harmony, the title has 97 words:

Southern Harmony, and Musical Companion:
Containing a Choice Collection of Tunes, Hymns, Psalms, Odes, and Anthems;
Selected from the Most Eminent Authors in the United States: Together with Nearly One Hundred New Tunes, Which Have Never Before Been Published; Suited to Most of the Metres Contained in Watts’s Hymns and Psalms, Mercer’s Cluster, Dossey’s Choice, Dover Selection, Methodist Hymn Book, and Baptist Harmony; And Well Adapted to Christian Churches of Every Denomination, Singing Schools, and Private Societies:
An Easy Introduction to the Grounds Of Music, the Rudiments of Music, and Plain Rules for Beginners.

All of these words are important for understanding the publication, but the title of the publication page should be a lot shorter.

Some suggestions about the title of a publication:

  • A title should begin with the same few words that begin the title page of the publication, unless those words are a slogan, a quotation, or an advertisement.
  • Titles should appear in the same language as published, not translated. A publications should be recognizable to speakers of the language in which it was published.
  • Editors may correct the spelling of older works, if they find it desirable
  • Research and other authoritative websites should be consulted. What is the most commonly accepted form of the title?
  • Numbers beginning titles should be spelled out.
  • If possible, keep the title of the publication page to 45 characters or fewer.

If a publication contains music by only one composer, then the composer's name should be added to the title in parenthesis. If a qualifier is needed to distinguish publications with the same or similar titles, it can be added after the title. Examples include:

  • Select Harmony (Oliver Brownson) and Select Harmony (Andrew Law), two different books with different compilers
  • Carmina Christo 1791 (Thomas Haweis) and Carmina Christo 1792 (Thomas Haweis), two different books by the same author with the same title
  • Music in Miniature (William Billings), a publication compiled by William Billings, but there are other books with similar titles
  • Quatriesme livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties (Orlando di Lasso), a book of compositions all by Orlando di Lasso

Creating a publication page

Adding a list of works