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General information

Country of origin: Australia

Contributor since: 2014-05-28

Works with editions by this editor: 52 (see list)

See also: William Evans's composer page.

Contact information

e-mail: w.evans.missaegolucemvideret  At sign.png


BA (Music & Performance Studies) at the University of Sydney. Studied composition with Anne Boyd, Peter Sculthorpe, Ross Edwards and Elliott Gyger.


Chorister at St Peters Eastern Hill (Anglican/Episcopalian) and with Gloriana Chamber Choir in Melbourne, Australia.

The Mass editions I have contributed are mainly for practical use in our choir. The Credo movements of the Mass are generally omitted as these are sung congregationally at St Peters. We are a small group with a quorum of SATB but perform works for double choir when enough singers are available. We only have one and a half hours to rehearse once a week so while respecting my scholarly sources, I have made my editions as quick and easy to read as possible with modern notation and rhythms. I hope you enjoy performing them as much as I do.