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::[[Thirtieth Psalm (Amzi Chapin)|Amzi Chapin]] 4 vo. 1813
::[[Thirtieth Psalm (Amzi Chapin)|Amzi Chapin]] 4 vo. 1813
*''[[And am I only born to die]]''
*''[[And am I only born to die]]''
:(HC 1763, H.63, 6 st., 886.886)
:(HC 1763, H.64, 6 st., 886.886)
::[[Complaint (Daniel Read)|Daniel Read]] 1785
::[[Complaint (Daniel Read)|Daniel Read]] 1785
::[[And am I only born to die (John Fawcett)|John Fawcett]] 1814
::[[And am I only born to die (John Fawcett)|John Fawcett]] 1814

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Born: De­cem­ber 18, 1707, Ep­worth, Lin­coln­shire, Eng­land.

Died: March 29, 1788, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Charles Wesley was a famous English hymn writer, composing over 6,000 hymns in his lifetime. He was the father of Charles Wesley, Jr.. Like most hymnists, his works were frequently altered; he also altered earlier hymns. In the preface to the 1779 Collection of Hymns for the Use of the Peo­ple called Methodists his brother, John, railed against the reprinting of their hymns with no credit given. In addition to hymn writing, Charles and his brother founded the Methodist movement.

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Year Publication(s)
1739 Hymns and Sacred Poems, Universal Redemption
1740 Means of Grace, Life of Faith, Hymns and Sacred Poems
1741 Collection of Psalms and Hymns, Hymns on God’s Everlasting Love, Promise of Sanctification
1742 Hymns on God’s Everlasting Love 2nd series, Hymns and Sacred Poems, Whole Armour of God, Taking of Jericho, Elegy on Robert Jones, Fourteenth Chapter of Isaiah, Thanksgiving for Colliers, Hymn for Condemned Prisoners
1743 Collection of Psalms and Hymns, Prayer for Those Convinced of Sin, Primitive Christianity, Hymn for Christmas Day
1744 Moral and Sacred Poems, Hymns for Times of Trouble, Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution, Bloody Issue, Hymns for Christmas Day
1745 Act of Devotion, Hymns on the Lord’s Supper, Hymns in Difference with Moravians, Hymns from Jeremiah, Hymns in Word in Season, Nativity Hymns, Hymns in Word to a Protestant, Hymns for 1745
1746 Funeral Hymns, Resurrection Hymns, Ascension Hymns, Whitsunday Hymns, Festival Hymns, Thanksgiving Hymns, Gloria Patri, Graces
1747 Hymn at the Sacrament, Person Bearing Testimony, Redemption Hymns
1749 Hymns and Sacred Poems Vol. 1, Hymns and Sacred Poems Vol. 2, New Year’s Hymns
1750 Earthquake Hymns Pt. I, Earthquake Hymns Pt. II, Death of Thomas Hogg
Year Publication(s)
1755 Epistle to the Rev. John Wesley, Catholic Love
1756 Hymn on the Lisbon Earthquake, Hymns for the Year 1756, Additional Hymns for 1756
1758 Intercession Hymns
1759 Intercession Hymns, Funeral Hymns, Invasion Hymns, Hymn for the People of Custrin, Thanksgiving Hymns
1760 Hymns for the Methodist Preachers
1762 Scripture Hymns Vol. 1, Scripture Hymns Vol. 2
1763 Hymns for Children
1767 Family Hymns, Trinity Hymns
1770 Hymn for Mary Langson, Hymn for Whitefield
1771 Elegy on Whitefield, Epistle to Whitefield
1772 Preparation for Death
1778 Arminian Magazine
1779 Ode on Dr. Boyce, Hymn for John Wesley
1780 Tumult Hymns
1781 Protestant Association, Hymns for the Nation
1782 Hymns for the National Fast
1785 Prayers for Condemned Malefactors

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Settings of his literary work

Other settings possibly not included in the manual list below

  • Benjamin Milgrove — Ah lovely appearance of death! (Benjamin Milgrove) Charles Wesley
  • Benjamin Milgrove — All ye that pass by (Benjamin Milgrove) Charles Wesley
  • Thomas Clark — All-conquering Lord, whom sinners adore (Thomas Clark) Charles Wesley
  • John Fawcett — And am I only born to die (John Fawcett) Charles Wesley
  • John Stainer — And let this feeble body fail (John Stainer) Charles Wesley
  • Samuel Holyoke — Andover (Samuel Holyoke) Charles Wesley
  • Oliver Holden — Anstruther (Oliver Holden) Charles Wesley
  • Jacob French — Ascension (Jacob French) Charles Wesley
  • Jacob French — Aspiration (Jacob French) Charles Wesley
  • Jacob French — Attention (Jacob French) Charles Wesley
  • Chris Dell — Author of life divine (Chris Dell) Charles Wesley
  • Samuel Sebastian Wesley — Author of life divine (Samuel Sebastian Wesley) Charles Wesley
  • Amos Pilsbury — Autumn (Amos Pilsbury) Charles Wesley
  • William Hauser — Baldwin (William Hauser) Charles Wesley
  • Daniel Read — Barnstable (Daniel Read) Charles Wesley
  • James P. Carrell — Bethlehem (James P. Carrell) Charles Wesley
  • William Moore — Bethlehem (William Moore) Charles Wesley
  • Andrew Sims — Blaenwern (Andrew Sims) Charles Wesley
  • Thomas Clark — Blow ye the trumpet, blow (Dunstable) (Thomas Clark) Charles Wesley
  • William Billings — Bolton (William Billings) Charles Wesley
  • Jeremiah Ingalls — Born to Die (Jeremiah Ingalls) Charles Wesley
  • John Fawcett — Branch of Jesse's stem, arise (John Fawcett) Charles Wesley
  • James P. Carrell — Broomsgrove (James P. Carrell) Charles Wesley
  • Benjamin Milgrove — By me, O my saviour stand (Benjamin Milgrove) Charles Wesley
  • Amos Pilsbury — Canaan (Amos Pilsbury) Charles Wesley
  • Joel Thorne — Celebrate Immanuel's name (Joel Thorne) Charles Wesley
  • Samuel Sebastian Wesley — A charge to keep I have (Samuel Sebastian Wesley) Charles Wesley
  • William Henry Monk — A charge to keep I have (William Henry Monk) Charles Wesley
  • Samuel Arnold — Cheshunt New (Our Lord is risen from the dead) (Samuel Arnold) Charles Wesley
  • J. Ashley Hall — Christ the Lord is risen today (J. Ashley Hall) Charles Wesley
  • Douglas Walczak — Christ, whose glory fills the skies (Douglas Walczak) Charles Wesley
  • Ronald McVey — Christ, whose glory fills the skies (Ronald McVey) Charles Wesley
  • Samuel Sebastian Wesley — Christ, whose glory fills the skies (Samuel Sebastian Wesley) Charles Wesley
  • William Henry Havergal — Christ, whose glory fills the skies (William Henry Havergal) Charles Wesley
  • Daniel Read — Christian Soldier (Daniel Read) Charles Wesley
  • Bruce Michez — The Church triumphant (Bruce Michez) Charles Wesley
  • Jeremiah Ingalls — Columbia (Jeremiah Ingalls) Charles Wesley
  • Simon Biazeck — Come, Desire of Nations, come (Simon Biazeck) Charles Wesley
  • Thomas Clark — Come, let us anew our journey pursue (Honiton) (Thomas Clark) Charles Wesley
  • William Marsh — Come, Lord, from above, the mountain remove (William Marsh) Charles Wesley
  • Samuel Sebastian Wesley — Come, O thou traveller unknown (Samuel Sebastian Wesley) Charles Wesley
  • Traditional — Come, thou long-expected Jesus (Traditional) Charles Wesley
  • William Henry Havergal and Charles H. Giffen — Come, thou long-expected Jesus (William Henry Havergal and Charles H. Giffen) Charles Wesley
  • Daniel Read — Complaint (Daniel Read) Charles Wesley
  • Anonymous — Consolation (Anonymous) Charles Wesley
  • Jeremiah Ingalls — Delay (Jeremiah Ingalls) Charles Wesley
  • Anonymous — Derby ("Come let us anew") (Anonymous) Charles Wesley
  • Jacob French — Dissolution (Jacob French) Charles Wesley
  • Amos Pilsbury — Dover (Amos Pilsbury) Charles Wesley
  • William Henry Monk — Easter Hymn (William Henry Monk) Charles Wesley

Abbreviations for Publications

  • FAH – Family Hymns
  • FEH – Festival Hymns
  • FUH – Funeral Hymns
  • HC – Hymns for Children
  • HGEL – Hymns on God's Everlasting Love
  • HLS – Hymns on the Lord's Supper

  • HSP – Hymns and Sacred Poems
  • HTTP – Hymns for Times of Trouble and Pestilence
  • IH – Intercession Hymns
  • NH – Nativity Hymns
  • NYH – New Year's Hymns

  • PS – Psalms
  • RDH – Redemption Hymns
  • REH – Resurrection Hymns
  • SCH1 – Scripture Hymns, Vol. 1
  • SCH2 – Scripture Hymns, Vol. 2
  • WA – Whole Armour
  • WHH – Whitsunday Hymns

Other Abbreviations

  • H – Hymn
  • Pt. – Part
  • st. – stanza(s)
  • vo. – voice(s)

Standard Abbreviations for Meters

(SCH1 1762, H.188, 2 st., S.M.D)
Samuel Sebastian Wesley
William Henry Monk
  • A thousand oracles divine
  • Ah lovely appearance of death!
(FUH 1746, H.5, 6 st., L.M.D)
Benjamin Milgrove 1768
(HGEL 1742, H.16, 16 st., S.M.D)
Jeremiah Ingalls 3 vo. 1805
{NH 1745, H.18, 5 st., L.M.D)
James P. Carrell 4 vo. 1821
  • All honor and praise
(FUH 1746, H.6, st.2 of 5,
Timothy Swan 1801
  • All praise to him who dwells in bliss
  • All praise to our redeeming Lord
  • All wise, all good, almighty Lord
  • All ye that pass by
(FEH 1746, H.4, 7 st.,
Benjamin Milgrove 1781
(HTTP 1744, H.3, 4 st.,
Thomas Clark 1809
(HC 1763, H.59, 6 st., S.M.D)
Amzi Chapin 4 vo. 1813
(HC 1763, H.64, 6 st., 886.886)
Daniel Read 1785
John Fawcett 1814
(RDH 1747, H.26, 6 st., 88.88.88)
Jacob French 3 vo. 1802
Jeremiah Ingalls 3 vo. 1805
(FUH 1759, H.3, 9 st., C.M.D)
Samuel Holyoke 1791
John Stainer
  • And must I be to judgment brought
  • Angels your march oppose
  • Arise, my soul, arise
  • Arm of the Lord, awake, awake!
  • Author of faith, eternal word
  • Author of life divine
(HLS 1745, H.40, 2 st., 66.66.88)
Chris Dell 1984
Samuel Sebastian Wesley 1984
(HLS 1742, Pt.2, H.1, 32 st., L.M)
James P. Carrell 4 vo. 1821
  • Away with our fears!
  • Away with our sorrow and fear
  • Be merciful, O God, to me
  • Because thou hast said
  • Behold the servant of the Lord
  • Being of beings
  • Blest be our everlasting Lord
  • Blest be the dear uniting love
  • Blow ye the trumpet, blow
(NYH 1749, H.3, 6 st., 66.66.88)
Oliver Brownson 1779
Thomas Clark
  • By faith we find the place above
  • By me, O my saviour stand
(HSP 1742, Pt.1, H.45, st.3 of 6,
Benjamin Milgrove 1781
(SCH2 1762, Pt.2, H.6, 1 st., 77.77.D)
Joel Thorne 1833
  • Center of our hopes thou art
(HSP 1749, H.206, st.2 of 4, 77.77.77)
G Knowles 1808
(HSP 1739, Pt.2, H.31, 11 st., 77.77)
J. Ashley Hall 2009
(HSP 1740, Pt.1, H.6, 3 st., 77.77.77)
Douglas Walczak
Samuel Sebastian Wesley
William Henry Havergal
(FAH 1767, H.165, 8 st., 669.669)
Jeremiah Ingalls 3-4 vo. 1805
  • Come, Desire of Nations, come
(HSP 1739, Pt.2, H.29, st.7 of 10, 77.77)
Simon Biazeck 2011
(HSP 1749, H.100, 8 st., 555.11)
Thomas Clark
  • Come, let us join our friends above
  • Come, let us join with one accord
  • Come, let us rise with Christ
  • Come, let us use the grace divine
  • Come, let us who in Christ believe
  • Come, Lord, and help me to rejoice
(HSP 1742, Pt. 2, H.1, 8 st., 886.886)
Jeremiah Ingalls 3 vo, 1805
(HSP2 1749, H.22, 8 st., 886.886)
James P. Carrell 4 vo. 1821
(HSP 1742, Pt.2, H.4, 14 st., 88.88.88)
Samuel Sebastian Wesley
(Not C. Wesley lyrics?)
Felice Giardini 1917
  • Come, thou conqueror of the nations
  • Come, thou everlasting Spirit
(NH 1745, H.10, 2 st., 87.87.D)
William Henry Havergal and Charles H. Giffen
William Walker 1835
Anonymous 1760
  • Come, ye weary sinners, come
  • Come, thou Savior, long-expected
  • Depth of mercy
  • Earth with all her fullness owns, the
  • Eternal Son, eternal love
  • Eternal beam of light divine
  • Eternal sun of righteousness
  • Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord
  • Father of all, whose powerful voice
  • Father of everlasting grace
  • Father of me, and all mankind
  • Father, God, we glorify
  • Father, I stretch my hands to thee
  • Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  • Father, in whom we live
  • Father, our hearts we lift
  • Father, supply my every need
  • Father, to thee my soul I lift
(HSP 1749, H.168, 3 st., C.M.D)
Joel Thorne 1833
  • Father, whose everlasting love
  • For ever here my rest shall be
(HSP 1740, Pt.2, H.4, st.3 of 6, C.M.)
Thomas Clark
  • Forth in thy name, o Lord
  • Gentle Jesus, meek and mild
  • Give me a new, a perfect heart
  • Give me the enlarged desire
  • Give me the faith which can remove
  • Glorious God, accept a heart
  • Glory be to God on high
  • Glory to God, whose sovereign grace
  • God is gone up on high
  • God of all power and truth and grace
  • God of my salvation, hear
(HSP 1742, Pt.2, H.23, 8 st.,
Oliver Brownson 1782
James P. Carrell 4 vo. 1821
  • God only wise, and great, and strong
  • Good thou art, and good thou dost
  • Great God! To me the sight afford
  • Great archangel’s trump, the
  • Hail the day that sees him rise
(HSP 1739, Pt.2, H.32, 10 st., 77.77)
Amos Bull 1779
Daniel Read 1785
Amos Bull 1795
Jacob French 1802
Mark Liversidge 2014
William Henry Monk 2014
  • Hail, co-essential three
  • Happy Magdalene, to whom
  • Happy soul, that, free from harms
  • Happy the man that finds the grace
  • Happy the souls to Jesus joined
(HLS 1745, H.96, 4 st., C.M.)
Thomas Jarman 1840
  • Happy the souls to Jesus joined
  • Hark! A voice divides the sky
  • Hark! The herald angels sing
Oliver Holden 1793
Felix Mendelssohn 1840
H. E. Wooldridge 1875
(IH 1758, H.37, 4 st., L.M.)
Benjamin Milgrove 1768
(H. for 1745, H.15, 5 st., 77.447.D.)
Jeremiah Ingalls 3-4 vo. 1805
(HSP 1742, Pt.2, H.17, 6 st., 76.76)
Thomas Clark 1811
(HLS 1745, H.23, 3 st., 77.77.77)
Benjamin Milgrove 1771
Samuel Babcock 1795
Stephen Jenks 1803
(HSP 1740, Pt.1, H.1, 31 st., L.M.)
Benjamin Milgrove 1768
Zechariah Whelpdale 1832
  • Holy Jesus, Savior mild
  • Holy Lamb, who thee confess
  • Holy as thou, O Lord, is none
  • Holy, and true, and righteous Lord
  • Holy, holy, Lord
  • Hosanna in the highest
  • Hosanna to Jesus on high
(FUH 1746, H.4, 6 st., L.M.D)
Timothy Swan 1801
  • How can we sinners know
  • How glorious is the life above
  • How happy are the little flock
  • How happy are they
  • How happy are thy servants, Lord
  • How happy every child of grace
(FUH 1759, H.2, 8 st., C.M.D)
James P. Carrell 1821
(RH 1747, H.50, 9 st., 886.886)
  • How lovely are thy tents, O Lord!
  • I call the world’s Redeemer mine
  • I know that my Redeemer lives
  • I the good fight have fought
  • I want a principle within
  • If death my friend and me divide
  • In age and feebleness extreme
  • Infinite God, to thee we raise
  • Jehovah, God the Father, bless
  • Jesu, lover of my soul
(HSP 1740, Pt.1, H.36, 5 st., 77.77.D)
John Bacchus Dykes
Thomas Clark (Marshfield) 1807
Thomas Clark (Leveland) 1837
  • Jesu, my Savior, brother, friend
  • Jesus drinks the bitter cup
(HLS 1745, H.27, st.4 of 9, 76.76.D)
Samuel Babcock 1779
  • Jesus! The name high over all
  • Jesus, Lord, we look to thee
  • Jesus, faithful to his word
  • Jesus, from whom all blessings flow
  • Jesus, let all thy lovers shine
  • Jesus, my Savior, brother, friend
  • Jesus, my advocate above
  • Jesus, my strength, my hope
  • Jesus, the all-restoring word
  • Jesus, the conqueror, reigns
  • Jesus, the rising Lord of all
  • Jesus, the sinner’s friend
  • Jesus, the truth and power divine
  • Jesus, thine all victorious love
  • Jesus, thou all redeeming Lord
  • Jesus, thou soul of all our joys
  • Jesus, united by thy grace
  • Jesus, we look to thee
  • Join all ye joyful nations
  • Join, all ye ransomed Sons of grace
  • Lamb of God for sinners slain
(HSP 1742, Pt.1, H.31, 6 st.,
James P. Carrell 1821
  • Lamb of God I look to thee
  • Leader of faithful souls
  • Let all that breathe, Jehovah praise
  • Let angels and archangels sing
  • Let earth and heaven combine
  • Let him to whom we now belong
  • Let not the wise his wisdom boast
  • Let saints on earth in concert sing
  • Let the world their virtue boast
  • Let us plead for faith alone
  • Lift your heads
  • Light of those whose dreary
(NH 1745, H.11, 3 st., 87.87.D)
Oliver Holden 1803
(HSP2 1749, H.188, 7 st., 87.87.D)
Jeremiah Ingalls 3-4 vo. 1805
(IH 1758, H.39, 4 st., 87.87.47)
Samuel Holyoke 1795
Thomas Clark (Driffield) 1806
James P. Carrell 1821
John Fawcett 1836
Thomas Clark (Burland) 1836
  • Lord of the church, we humbly pray
  • Lord of the harvest, hear
  • Lord, I believe a rest remains
  • Lord, I believe thy work of grace
  • Lord, in the strength of grace
  • Lord, whom winds and waves obey
  • Love divine, all loves excelling
  • Love's redeeming work is done
(HSP 1739, Pt.2, H.31, st.2 of 11, 77.77)
James Gibb 2013
  • Lovers of pleasure more than God
  • Loving Jesus, gentle lamb
  • Meet and right it is to sing
(HSP 1740, Pt.2, H.7, 7 st., 77.77)
Timothy Swan 1801
  • Meet and right it is to sing
  • Messiah, prince of peace
  • My God, I am thine
(HSP 1749, Pt.2, H.129, 6 st., 56.11)
Joel Thorne 1833
  • My God, I know, I feel thee mine
  • My heart is fixed, o God
  • My heart is full of Christ
  • My soul, inspired with sacred love
  • O God of peace and pardoning
(SCH2 1762, H.1161, 2 st., L.M.D)
Samuel Chapple 1833
  • O God, most merciful and true
  • O God, thy righteousness we own
  • O Jesus, my hope
  • O astonishing grace, that the reprobate
  • O come and dwell in me
  • O for a heart to praise my God
  • O for a thousand tongues to sing
  • O for that tenderness of heart
  • O glorious hope of perfect love
(HSP 1742, Pt.2, H.1, st. 4 of 8, 886.886)
Jeremiah Ingalls 3 vo. 1805
James P. Carrell 1821
(FEH 1746, H.19, 7 st., 886.886)
James Leach 1789
John Fawcett 1789
Samuel Sebastian Wesley 1789
Jeremiah Ingalls 3 vo. 1805
  • O love divine, what hast thou
(HSP 1742, H.16, 4 st., 88.88.88)
Benjamin Milgrove 1781
  • O mercy divine, o couldst thou incline
  • O that I could repent
  • O that I could, in every place
  • O that my load of sin were gone!
  • O the depth of love divine
  • O thou eternal victim slain
(HLS 1745, H.5, 3 st., 88.88.88)
Thomas Jarman 1840
  • O thou who at thy creature’s bar
  • O thou who camest from above
(SCH1 1762, H.183, 2 st., L.M.D)
Samuel Sebastian Wesley 1872
  • O thou whose offering on the tree
  • O thou, before the world began
  • O thou, our Savior, brother, friend
  • O thou, whom all thy saints adore
  • O what shall I do, my Savior to praise
  • Object of all our knowledge here
  • Omnipotent Lord, my Savior and King
  • Our Lord is risen from the dead
(PS 1743, H.24, st.8 of 13, L.M.)
Joseph Barnby
Samuel Arnold
  • Our earth we now lament to see
  • Peace, doubting heart!
  • Praise the Lord, who reigns
(PS 1743, H.150, 4 st., 76.76.D)
Benjamin Milgrove 1771
  • Prisoners of hope, arise
  • Pure baptismal fire divine
Jeremy Rawson 1988
(REH 1746, H.8, 6 st., 66.66.88)
William Billings 1778
John Fawcett 1818
(FUH 1746, H.2, 3 st., L.M.D)
James P. Carrell 1821
  • Righteous God! Whose vengeful phials
  • Savior, and can it be
  • Savior, prince of Israel’s race
  • Savior, whom our hearts adore
  • See how great a flame aspires
  • See, Jesus, thy disciples see
  • See, sinners, in the gospel glass
  • Servant of all, to toil for man
  • Servants of Christ, his truth who know
  • Shepherd divine, our wants relieve
  • Sing to the great Jehovah's praise
(NYH 1749, H.7, 3 st., C.M.D)
Thomas Jarman 1840
  • Sing we to our God above
(HSP 1740, Pt.2, H.9, 1 st., 77.77)
William Henry Monk
  • Sing, ye ransomed nations, sing
  • Sinners, believe the gospel word
  • Sinners, dismiss your fear
  • Sinners, obey the gospel word
  • Sinners, rejoice: your peace is made
  • Sinners, turn: why will you die?
  • Soldiers of Christ, arise
(WA 1742, H.1, 16 st., S.M.D)
Aaron Williams 1763
Daniel Read 1804
William Henry Monk
(HSP 1739, Pt.2, H.30, 6 st., 77.77)
John Massey 1810
(RDH 1747 H.46, 3 st, L.M.D.)
James P. Carrell 4 vo. 1821
(HSP 1739, Pt.2, H.26, 4 st., C.M.)
Joel Thorne 1833
  • Surrounded by a host of foes
  • Talk with me, Lord, thyself
(HSP 1740, Pt.2, H.28, st.2 of 6, C.M.)
Thomas Clark 1805
  • Terrible thought! Shall I alone
  • The judge of quick and dead
(WHH 1746, H.23, st.4 of 8,
Samuel Sebastian Wesley
  • The voice of my beloved sounds
(SCH1 1762, H.934, 1 st., 88.88.77)
Timothy Swan 1797
[HSP1 1749, H.7, 6 st., 886.886)
Jeremiah Ingalls 3,4 vo. 1805
  • Thou Jesus, thou my breast inspire
  • Thou Lord on whom I still depend
(SCH2 1762, H.831, 1 st., 88.88.88)
Alan Struck
  • Thou Son of God, whose flaming eyes
  • Thou great mysterious God unknown
  • Thou hidden source of calm repose
  • Thou shepherd of Israel and mine
(SCH1 1762, H.931, 3 st., L.M.D)
Benjamin Milgrove 1781
  • Thou, the great, eternal God
  • Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love
  • Thy faithfulness, Lord, each moment
  • Thy power and saving truth to show
  • Tis finished! The messiah dies
  • To us a child of royal birth
  • Vain, delusive world, adieu
(HSP 1742, Pt.2, H.98, 9 st.,
Jeremiah Ingalls 3-4 vo. 1805
  • Victim divine, thy grace we claim
  • Watched by the world’s malignant eye
  • Weary of wandering from my God
  • Weary souls that wander wide
  • Weep not for a brother deceased
  • What am I, O thou glorious God!
  • What are these arrayed in white
(HLS 1745, H.106, 4 st., 77.77)
Samuel Sebastian Wesley
  • What is our calling’s glorious hope?
  • What shall I do, my God to love
  • What shall I render to my God
  • When quiet in my house I sit
  • Where is the holy heav’n-born child?
  • Where shall my wondering soul begin?
  • Wherewith, O Lord, shall I draw near?
  • Whether the word be preached or read
  • With glorious clouds encompassed
(FAH 1767, H.156, 8 st., C.M.)
James Leach 1789
  • With solemn faith we offer
(HLS 1745, H.125, st.2 of 4, 88.88.88)
Samuel Sebastian Wesley 1872
  • Woe to the men on earth who dwell
  • Worship, and thanks, and blessing
  • Would Jesus have the sinner die?
  • Ye heavenly choir
  • Ye neighbors and friends of Jesus
  • Ye ransomed sinners, hear
  • Ye servants of God, your Master
(HTTP 1744, Pt.3, H.1, 6 st.,
William Billings 1770
William Billings 1794
  • Ye simple men of hearts sincere
  • Ye that do your Master's will
(SHC2 1762, H.1389, 1 st., 77.77.D)
Orlando Gibbons
(HSP 1742, Pt.1, H.13, 13 st., L.M.)
W. J. White 1820
(HSP 1749, H.101, 7 st., 66.66.88)
Thomas Clark 1805
  • Young men and maidens, raise