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Hello all,

Welcome to the Volunteers page, and thank you for your interest in helping out! The site was just installed on August 23, 2005. The complete archive from CPDL is now available in page format. It consists of composer pages and music pages, which are linked together. There are several major issues that need to be addressed immediately. Some result from the transfer process, but most are long-standing issues with the CPDL data. Luckily, ChoralWiki is fully editable, so folks can jump in (if you feel comfortable). That is where you come in. Since all pages are editable, it is hoped that pages can be improved collaboratively. With this in mind here is list of major items that need to be addressed. Also, here is a link to a page for help with Wiki Page Editing. Thank again for your willingness to help CPDL!


Rafael Ornes, Manager CPDL,

Adding texts and translations to various pieces

Each piece has an option for this. In the case where there are many settings of the same text (i.e. Mass settings, Pater noster, etc.), it probably makes sense to create one text-translation page, and then link all of the specific pieces to this text/translation page. I have done this for Ave verum corpus. You may wish to check the wiki code to see how this can be done. If there are MANY versions (such as 'Mass'), do the translation page, and I can make a large change to all pages that are masses. Here are two web addresses with lots of translations that need to be added: