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*{{NoCo|Stille Nacht}}   ''17 editions available''
*{{NoCo|Stille Nacht}} (EN: ''Silent night'' / ES: ''Noche de paz'' / FR: ''Douce nuit'' / LT: ''Klusa nakts'')   {{editions|n}}
*#{{NoCo|Stille Nacht}}  ( [http://forlag.studentersangforeningen.no/Gruber/Stille_Nacht.pdf {{pdf}}] [http://forlag.studentersangforeningen.no/Gruber/Stille_Nacht.midi {{mid}}]  )
*#{{NoCo|Heiligste Nacht}}   {{LLinkW|grub-hei.pdf|grub-hei.mid|grub-hei.zip|Encore}}
*{{NoCo|Heiligste Nacht}} (misattrib.?)   {{LLinkW|grub-hei.pdf|grub-hei.mid|grub-hei.zip|Encore}}
*#[[Kirchenlied auf die heilige Christnacht. (Stille Nacht) (Franz Gruber)|''Kirchenlied auf die heilige Christnacht. (Stille Nacht)'']]   ( [http://www.cantiga.es/paginas_uk/principal/principal.php {{pdf}}] )
*#{{NoCo|Silent night}}   ( {{Broken}}[http://christmassongbook.net {{net}}] )
*#{{NoCo|Silent Night, Holy Night}}   ( [http://www.evatoller.pp.se/ {{net}}] )
*#{{NoCo|Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht}}   ( [http://www.evatoller.pp.se/ {{net}}] )
*#{{NoCo|Noche de Paz}}   {{LLinkW|astor-np.pdf|astor-np.mid|astor-np.mus|Finale 2003}}
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''add web links here''  
''add web links here''  
[[Category:1787 births|Gruber, Franz Xaver]]
[[Category:1863 deaths|Gruber, Franz Xaver]]
[[Category:1787 births]]
[[Category:Composers|Gruber, Franz Xaver]]
[[Category:1863 deaths]]
[[Category:Romantic composers|Gruber, Franz Xaver]]
[[Category:Austrian composers|Gruber, Franz Xaver]]
[[Category:Romantic composers]]
[[Category:Austrian composers]]

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Born: 25 November 1787

Died: 7 June 1863


View the Wikipedia article on Franz Xaver Gruber.

List of choral works

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  • Stille Nacht (EN: Silent night / ES: Noche de paz / FR: Douce nuit / LT: Klusa nakts)     (multiple editions available)

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