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(This page is still being developed. It will be cleaned up soon. You are free to try that out!)

This page is for people who would like to add scores to CPDL. Here are the 2 options:

Before beginning, there are three questions which need to be answered:

  1. Are the music files already on a remote website, or do you wish to host them on the CPDL site?
    • If your scores are already available on a website, you can skip this step. If you want to have the files on the CPDL website, you will need to upload the files first. You must be a registered user to upload files. (Note (September 2005): Your old CPDL username will not work in the new ChoralWiki website).
  2. Is the composer listed on CPDL already?
    • If not, you will need to create the composer page. Here is a link:
  3. Is the choral work by this composer already listed on CPDL?
    1. Yes. (go to the page for adding 'new editions'. Here is a link: Add New Edition
    2. No. (go to the page for creating an entry for adding 'choral works'. Here is a link: Add Choral Work