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Born: Unknown

Died: Unknown


J. West is credited in the contents list of the second edition of The Musical Concert (Northampton, Massachusetts: 1807) as the composer of 18 tunes in that collection. The Musical Concert was compiled by Elisha West, and J. West was probably a relative of his: Karl Kroeger writes that J. West 'may have been either a son or a brother' of Elisha West (p. xxii, Music of the New American Nation, volume 7. Two Vermont Composers: The Collected Works of Elisha West and Justin Morgan. New York: Garland, 1997).

Of the 18 tunes attributed to J. West in the second edition of The Musical Concert, 13 are shown in the Hymn Tune Index to have been first published in that edition of that collection. Four further tunes had previously been included, but without the attribution to J. West, in the first edition of The Musical Concert (Northampton, Massachusetts: 1807). One other tune, titled 'Northampton' in the second edition of The Musical Concert, is a variant of a tune 'Stephentown' published in Stephen Jenks and Elijah Griswold's collection The American Compiler of Sacred Harmony. No. 1. (Northampton: 1803), where it is attributed to J. Smith.

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