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===Newest scores on CPDL===
===Newest scores on CPDL===

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Welcome to the Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL)

Begun in December 1998, CPDL presently lists over 9,200 scores by over 320 contributors.

NEWS - Big Changes for CPDL

Septebember 19
The score server at Williams College is down again. This website is fine, but ~50% of the links will not work. This will hopefully only be a temporary situation.

August 24
After several weeks of computer problems, I have decided to move CPDL to a new platform. It is now running on as a 'wiki' website. If you Google 'wiki' you will get ~61 million references. The are many exciting possiblities and difficulties with this move. Please be patient as the kinks get worked. Also, let me know what you think (when it is fully up).

Calling all volunteers! There are many opportunities for helping out. We need editors, website monitors, managers and translators, to name just a few possible opprtunities. Please checkout the Volunteer page for a list of ideas. Email me (ornes@cpdl.org) if you have any questions.

A discussion forum has been added. Check out the link on the left hand menu.

A synopsis of changes to the website is now available on the Current events page.

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Newest scores on CPDL

10 most recent scores (updated September 19, 2005 03:46:39)

  1. Heilig (Johann Philipp Krieger): Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif [ ]
  2. Missa in F (Claudio Monteverdi): Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif [ ]
  3. Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir (Matthieu Le Maistre): Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif [ ]
  4. Danket dem Herren (Andreas Rauch): Icon_pdf.gif [ Icon_snd.gif] [ ]
  5. O where shall wisdom be found? (William Boyce): Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif Finale-2004
  6. Te lucis ante terminum, Ferial Tone (Tallis): Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif Finale-2004
  7. sentomi la formicuzza (Filippo azzaiolo):
  8. Mon coeur se recommande à vous (Orlando di Lasso): PDF MIDI Harmony Assistant
  9. 67. Aria (Alessandro Scarlatti): PDF MIDI
  10. Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Andreas Raselius): Icon_pdf.gif Icon_snd.gif [ ]

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