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==List of choral works==
==List of choral works==
*{{NoCo|Bone Iesu dulcissime}}
*{{NoCo|Caro mea}}   {{LLink|Gas-caro.pdf|Gas-caro.mid|Gas-caro.mus|Allegro 2007}}
*{{NoCo|Ie ny sçauroys chanter ne rire}}   ( [{{filepath:Gascongne-Ie_ny_sçauroys_chanter_ne_rire.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:Gascongne-Ie_ny_sçauroys_chanter_ne_rire.mid}} {{mid}}] [{{filepath:Gascongne-Ie_ny_sçauroys_chanter_ne_rire.MUS}} Finale 2004] )
*{{NoCo|Non nobis domine}}   ( [{{filepath:Gas-non.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:Gas-non.mid}} {{mid}}] [{{filepath:Gas-non.sib}} Sibelius 5] )

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Aliases: Also known as Matthieu Gascongne, Matthieu Gascogne, Matthias Gascogne; Gascoigne




Biography fl. 16th century

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