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==List of choral works==
==List of choral works==
*{{NoCo|The tiger}}   ( [{{filepath:Culmone_-_The_tyger_SSA.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [ Sibelius 6] )
*{{NoCo|The tyger(SSA)}}   ( [{{filepath:Culmone_-_The_tyger_SSA.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [ Sibelius 6] )

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Born: 09 September 1986


Mattia Culmone (born in Rovereto, Italy in 1986) studied choral conducting and composition at the conservatory of Trento (Italy) where he got degree in 2007 in the class of L. Donati. He also got in the same year the degree in piano. After this he attended a 3-year course in Arezzo for choral conductors (Fondazione G. d'Arezzo) where he had the chance to work with conductor such as L. Donati. P. Neumann, N. Corti, G. Graden, C. Hogset, P. Broadbent, B. Holten, L. Marzola and others. In August 2012 he passed the final exam of this school with merit. The jury was composed, among the others, by B. Holten, G. Graden, J. Busto, L. Donati. He is now in the last year of master in choral conducting at the conservatory on Trento and he was accepted to study as erasmus student in the choral conducting class of N. Corti in the CNSDM in Lyon (France). In parallel with the activities as choral conductor he also won several different prizes as composer, both in Italy and abroad. Among the others there are: 3° prize at the VII international choral composition competition "Musica sacra Poland" (2011) 3° prize at the I international choral composition competition "David Maria Turoldo (2012) 1° prize at the I international choral composition competition "Little singers of Armenia" (2012) Many of his works has been printed and performed in Italy and abroad by amateur and professional choirs. He is currently the conductor and artistic director of "Coro Rigoverticale" a mixed chamber choir of Mezzocorona (Italy). With this choir he had many concerts, in Italy and abroad, and participated to many festivals. As composer and conductor he also got a prize for a new composition presented and performed in a national contest by this choir ("Tredicesimo concorso biennale id armonizzazione e composition AGC Verona). He is currently studying composition at the conservatory of Trento in the class of C. Colazzo. He has a bachelor in physics. He was member of the eurochor 2009 (Pomaz) and 2011 (Arco) as well as the italian youth choir 2011-2012.

List of choral works

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