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''die komt in de naam des Heren.''<br>
''die komt in de naam des Heren.''<br>
''Hosanna in de hoge.''
''Hosanna in de hoge.''
''Gelobet sei der da kommt''<br>
''im Namen des Herrn,''<br>
''Hosianna in der Höhe.''
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<b>External links: </b>

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General Information

Second part of the Sanctus of the mass. (Source: Matthew 21: 9)

To view Sanctus and Benedictus text together see Sanctus.

Original text

Latin.png Latin text

Benedictus qui venit
in nomine Domini.
Hosanna in excelsis.


English.png English translation

Blessed is He who comes
in the name of the Lord.
Hosanna in the highest.

French.png French translation

Béni soit celui qui vient
au nom du Seigneur
Hosanna au plus haut des cieux !

File:Flag-tagalog.png Salin sa Tagalog/Filipino:

Pinagpala ang naparirito
sa ngalan ng Panginoon
Osana sa kaitaasan.

Portuguese.png Portuguese translation

Bendito o que vem
Em nome do Senhor.
Hossana nas alturas.

Spanish.png Spanish translation

Bendito aquel que viene
en el nombre de Dios
Hosana en las alturas!

Dutch.png Dutch translation

Gezegend Hij,
die komt in de naam des Heren.
Hosanna in de hoge.

German.png German translation

Gelobet sei der da kommt
im Namen des Herrn,
Hosianna in der Höhe.

External links:

IPASource.com: Link to PDF file with IPA pronunciation and word-by-word translation.