Arne Garborg

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Born: 25 January 1851

Died: 14 January 1924


Arne Garborg was born a farmer's son in the county of Time at Jæren in 1851. The first years of his childhood were bliss and free of anguish, however at the age of nine years old, his father had a religious crisis, resulting in a very pietistic and strict upbringing. As of this moment the childhood home became unbearable for Arne. Despite being the sole heir to the farm, he went away and pursued an education as a teacher. Later on he started teaching in Risør, simultaneously he wrote a relatively great deal of articles and poetry. In 1870 an event so disastrous occurred that it would mark Garborg for life: His father, having rapidly become increasingly depressed every day, especially after having sold the farm the previous year, committed suicide. Garborg experienced at this moment a great feeling of guilt, as it was his conviction that this had happened because he had left his father and the farm behind. This particular event is to be recognised several times in his writing.

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