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Before submitting a score, please read the score submission guide.
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This page is for people who would like to add scores or other information to CPDL. The "add work" form will create formatted pages, so that people who do not know "wiki formatting" can add information. The other processes will require you to follow the instructions from the various pages. It is still possible to add or edit pages directly, but only if you are a registered user. Here are the options (only 3 are available now, the others will be added as time permits).

Please note: It is strongly recommended that the new "automated" procedure for adding editions to ChoralWiki be used by all contributors. For details, please see this help page. Furthermore, users should be aware that a system for the automation of work listing on the composer pages is in the process of being implemented. See this help page for details. Please provide feedback through the Forums about any problems or suggestions.

English.png PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE THE "ADD WORKS" FORM MORE THAN ONCE FOR THE SAME EDITION. Once you have submitted the form, a unique CPDL number is generated which becomes obsolete if the form is run a second time for the same edition. Volunteers will receive the form which you submitted and post it on the wiki in due course - please be patient. If you forgot to include some information in the form the first time you submitted it, please email "addscore At sign.png" with the details rather than submitting the form again. Thank you.

Portuguese.png POR FAVOR NÃO PREENCHA O FORMULÁRIO "ADD WORKS" MAIS DE UMA VEZ PARA UMA MESMA EDIÇÃO. Cada vez que o formulário é enviado, uma numeração CPDL única é gerada, a qual se torna obsoleta se o formulário é preenchido e enviado uma segunda vez para uma mesma edição. Voluntários irão receber o formulário que você preencheu e irão criar a página correspondente no menor tempo possível - por favor seja paciente. Se você esqueceu de incluir alguma informação no formulário na primeira vez que o preencheu, por favor envie os dados faltantes para o email "addscore At sign.png" em vez de preencher o formulário novamente. Obrigado.

French.png NE REMPLISSEZ LE FORMULAIRE “ADD WORKS” (Ajouter une œuvre) QU’UNE SEULE FOIS POUR LA MEME ŒUVRE. Quand vous le validez, un numéro unique est généré, qui devient périmé si le formulaire est envoyé deux fois pour la même édition. Un administrateur recevra le formulaire soumis et l’intègrera dès que possible. Soyez patient. Si vous avez oublié quelque information dans le formulaire la première fois, mentionnez-le dans un message électronique à envoyer à "addscore At sign.png" avec les détails, plutôt que de soumettre une autre fois le formulaire. Merci.

Italian.png PER FAVORE NON RIEMPITE IL MODULO "ADD WORKS" PIU' DI UNA VOLTA PER UNA STESSA EDIZIONE. Una volta inviato il modulo viene generato un unico numero CPDL che diventa obsoleto se il modulo viene prodotto una seconda volta per la stessa edizione. Dei volontari riceveranno il modulo che avete inviato e lo pubblicheranno nel contesto wiki entro qualche tempo - per favore siate pazienti. Se avete dimenticato di includere qualche informazione la prima volta che lo avete inviato, per favore scrivete una mail a "addscore At sign.png" con i dettagli piuttosto che inviare il modulo nuovamente. Tra i volontari che gestiscono i moduli ci sono persone che comprendono l'italiano, quindi potete scrivere la mail in italiano se è più facile per voi. Grazie.

German.png BITTE DAS "ADD WORKS" FORMULAR NIEMALS MEHR ALS EINMAL FÜR DIESELBE NOTENAUSGABE VERSENDEN. Sobald das Formular versandt ist, wird eine eindeutige CPDL Nummer generiert, die bei erneutem Versenden des Formulars für dieselben Noten ihren Sinn verliert. Wer mit vom Formular generierten Wiki-Code nichts anfangen kann, der warte bitte bis freiwillige Helfer sich dessen annehmen - das kann ggf. eine Weile dauern. Auch wenn das Formular falsch oder unvollständig ausgefüllt wurde, bitte das Formular nicht nochmal ausfüllen, sondern die Korrekturen per Email an "addscore At sign.png" schicken. Danke.

Dutch.png VOOR IEDERE PARTITUUR HET FORMULIER SLECHTS EENMAAL INVULLEN, AUB. De software genereert een cpdl-volgnummer voor uw partituur wanneer u het formulier verstuurt - er komen dus een aantal overbodige nummers op de lijst indien u dit meer dan eens doet. Het publiceren van de partituren gebeurt door vrijwilligers, en het kan dus even duren eer u uw bijdrage terugvindt op cpdl; u moet hier even geduld voor oefenen. Bent u bij het invullen informatie vergeten te vermelden, dan zet u dit beter recht met een mail (bij voorkeur in het Engels) naar "addscore At sign.png" - ook hiervoor hoeft u het formulier dus geen tweede keer in te vullen.

Add Composer

Since CPDL is primarily a free sheet music website, only public domain works and works by living composers which have been released with an appropriate license are suitable for inclusion. To learn more about when music enters the public domain, see this help page. If you add composers who have no works available in the public domain or have not released their works to the public, they will be categorised as "unhosted". Please check to make sure that a composer page does not already exist on this website for the work you are donating. If you need to add the composer of your work, please follow the instructions on the score submission guide. If you have difficulties completing this process, leave a message on the CPDL forums and someone will create the page for you.

Add Choral Work

Before beginning to submit your music to CPDL there are three questions which need to be answered:

  1. Are the music files already on a remote website, or do you wish to host them on the CPDL site? (The preference is for scores to be uploaded to the CPDL server so as to avoid broken links in the future.)
    • If your scores are already available on a website, you can skip this step. If you wish to upload the file(s) to the CPDL server, click here. You must be a registered user to upload files. Don't stop after doing just this step. Without doing step(s) 2-3 below any uploaded files will just be discarded in a day or two unless they correspond to links filled into the "add new work" form. You should click on "Add Choral Work or new edition" link AFTER uploading your PDF, MIDI, and (optional) notation file, and put your uploaded file URLs into appropriate boxes on the form.
  2. Is the composer of your uploaded works listed on CPDL already? If yes, skip to the next step below.
    • If not, you will need to create the composer page. (see "Add Composer" section above)
  3. Is the choral work by this composer already listed on CPDL?
  4. Want more detailed instructions for adding your new score to CPDL? Use the score submission guide.

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