Johannes Ockeghem

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Aliases: Jean de Ockegham; Ockenheim; Okeghem; Okchem; Ogkegum; Hocquegam


Born: c. 1410-1425

Died: 6 February 1497


Johannes Ockeghem was the most famous composer of the Franco-Flemish School in the last half of the 15th century, and is often considered the most influential composer between Dufay and Josquin des Prez. In addition to being a renowned composer, he was also an honored singer, choirmaster, and teacher.

Around 39 spellings of his last name are recorded, Ockeghem as well as Okeghem being used in the Chigi codex, the most important source of his works. E. Giraudet (1885) proposed Jean de Ockeghem as a standard spelling based on a purported signature, since lost. Glareanus (1547) germanizes it to Johannes Ockenheim; other versions fall somewhere between Jan Hocquegam and Obghuen.

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List of choral works

Op.a Genre Title Voices Comments
1.1 Mass Missa Quinti toni 3
1.2 Mass Missa Sine nomine 3
1.3 Mass Missa au travail suis 4 Parody of chanson by Ockeghem or Barbinguant
1.4 Mass Missa cuiusvis toni 4
1.5 Mass Missa De plus en plus 4
1.6 Mass Missa Ecce ancilla Domini 4
1.7 Mass Missa L'homme armé 4
2.9 Mass Missa Mi-Mi 4
2.10 Mass Missa prolationum 4
2.11 Mass Missa Caput 4 Tenor from antiphon Venit ad Patrem
2.12 Mass Movement Credo sine nomine 4 Paraphrase of Credo I
2.13 Mass Missa Fors seulement 5 Parody of own chanson
2.14 Mass Missa Sine nomine 5 Kyrie, gloria & credo
2.15 Requiem Missa pro defunctis 4 Consists of Introitus, Kyrie, Tractus & Communio
2.16 Mass Missa "Pour quelque paine" 4 Dubious, attrib. Cornelius Heyns in one source
Motet Alma Redemptoris Mater 4
Motet Ave Maria 4
Motet Intemerata Dei mater 5
Motet Salve Regina 4
Motet Ut heremita solus 4 Textless
Canon Deo gratias (36 part canon) 36 Of dubious attribution
Canon Sanctus 4
3.102 Chanson Au traveil suis 3 Possibly by Barbingant (fl.c.1470)
Chanson Aultre Venus estés
Chanson Baisiés moy dont fort
Chanson D'un autre amer
Chanson Fors seulement l'actente
Chanson Fors seullement contre
Chanson Il ne m'en chault
Chanson J'en ay dueil
Chanson L'autre d'antan
Chanson La despourveue
Chanson Les desléaulx ont la saison
3.78 Chanson Ma bouche rit 3
Chanson Ma maistresse
3.86 Lament Mort tu as navrè de ton dart 4 Lament on the death of Binchois
Chanson O rosa bella
Chanson Prenez sur moi 3
Chanson Presque transi
Chanson Qu'es mi vida preguntays
Chanson Quant de vous seul
Chanson S'elle m'amera/Petite camusette
Chanson Se vostre cuer eslongne
Chanson Tant fuz gentement resjouy
Chanson Ung aultre l'a
a. Opere, ed. Plamenac

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Modern editions are the Collected Works edited by Dragan Plamenac (1927-1959) and the Masses and Mass Sections edited by Jap van Benthem

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