Nicholas Ludford

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Born: c. 1490

Died: 1557


Composer of the English early Tudor period, whose works are included in the Caius Choirbook and the Lambeth Choirbook.

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List of choral works

  • Ave cujus conceptio a 5vv
  • Ave Maria ancilla trinitatis a 5vv
  • Domine Jesu Christe a 5vv
  • Magnificat benedicta et venerabilis a 6vv
  • Missa Benedicta et venerabilis a 6vv
  • Missa Christi virgo dilectissima a 5vv
  • Missa Inclina cor meum a 5vv
  • Missa Lapidaverunt Stephanum 5vv
  • Missa Regnum mundi a 5vv
  • Missa Videte miraculum a 6vv
  • Missa Dominica (Lady Mass for Sunday)
  • Missa Feria II (Lady Mass for Monday)
  • Missa Feria III (Lady Mass for Tuesday)
  • Missa Feria IV (Lady Mass for Wednesday)
  • Missa Feria V (Lady Mass for Thursday)
  • Missa Feria VI (Lady Mass for Friday)
  • Missa Sabato (Lady Mass for Saturday) 3vv

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