O quam glorifica

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

O quam glorifica luce coruscas,
Stirpis Davidicæ regia proles.
Sublimis Virgo Maria,
Supra cæligenas ætheris omnes.

Tu cum virgineo mater honore,
Angelorum Domino pectoris aulam
Sacris visceribus casta parasti;
Natus hinc Deus est corpore Christus.

Quem cunctus venerans orbis adorat,
cui nunc rite genuflectitur omne;
A quo nos petimus te subveniente,
Abjectis tenebris, gaudia lucis.

Hoc largire Pater luminis omnis,
Natum per proprium, Flamine sacro,
Qui tecum nitida vivit in æthera
Regnans, ac moderans sæcula cuncta.

English.png English text

O how you sparkle with glorious light,
Royal offspring of the Davidic stock,
O Virgin Mary, dwelling on high
Over all the citizens of heaven.

You, a mother with virginal honour,
being chaste made ready in your holy bosom
the court of your heart for heaven’s Lord;
thence was born Christ, God in the flesh:

He Whom all the world adores with veneration,
to Whom now every knee is rightly bent;
with your help we implore from Him the joys of light,
with all darkness dispelled.

Grant this, O Father of all light,
through Your own Son, in the Holy Spirit,
Who lives with You in the shining heavens,
ruling and governing all the ages.

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