O that I, first of love possessed

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General information

O that I, first of love possessed is a hymn by Charles Wesley, which was published as hymn 112 on pp120-121 of his Hymns for the Use of Families, Bristol: Pine, 1767. Verses 1-4 of the text were republished as hymn 124 in A Collection of Hymns, for the Use of the People called Methodists.

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English.png English text

1  O that I, first of love possess'd,
With my Redeemer's presence blest,
Might his salvation see!
Before thou dost my soul require,
Allow me, Lord, my heart's desire,
And shew thyself to me.

2  Appear my sanctuary from sin:
Open thine arms to take me in;
By thy own presence hide:
Hide in the place where Moses stood,
And shew me now the face of God,
My Father pacified.

3  What but thy manifested grace
Can guilt, and fear, and sorrow chase,
The cause of grief destroy?
Thy mercy makes salvation sure,
Makes all my heart and nature pure,
And fills with hallow'd joy.

4  Come quickly, Lord, the veil remove,
Pass as a God of pard'ning love
Before my ravish'd eyes;
And when I in thy person see
Jehovah's glorious majesty,
I find my Paradise.

5  Then, then my wandering toil is o'er,
Restless I sigh and pine no more
For local happiness;
Confident in thy blood applied,
Mine inmost soul is satisfied
With everlasting peace.

6  Then, then where'er thy will below
Assign my lot, with thee I go
An happy man forgiv'n:
I know my God is reconcil'd,
Regain my Eden in the wild,
And glide from earth to heav'n.

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