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Why is this called "And the house of David"? The opening words are "And the house of Jacob"?

The title of the piece, In exitu Israel, is the opening of the Psalm in Latin and probably better than either as the CPDL title because you have to cantor "When Israel came out of Egypt" to make sense of Byrd's setting.

Just my 2p worth!

Alan Knight

I agree - although it's always known by its English title "When Israel came out of Egypt", and have moved the page accordingly. Using the Latin title would cause confusion with the joint (Latin) psalm-setting by Sheppard, Mundy and the very young Byrd. --DaveF 05:09, 24 February 2008 (PST)

improper credit

I submitted this score, and it has been credited to someone else. If you look at the pdf, you can clearly see that it is edited by "David Link." I have the feeling my user account may have been hijacked, I emailed the address given on this site, and have not gotten any response. I have also emailed the gentleman who is listed as the contributor, and received no response to that either. Any of you have any ideas how I can get this corrected?? David Link, aka Sierracanon