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This is work in progress. Please leave comments on the talk page if you feel so inclined.
--Bobnotts talk 07:32, 23 August 2007 (PDT)

Score pages

Also known as works pages.

A "Works Page" information, order, and typesetting is defined by the "Add Works" script-generating form, All hand-made "Works Pages" should conform, as much as possible, to the format made by this script.

A template is available for "Works Page" at this URL: Templates:Works_template This can be copied, and used as a basis for a works page.

Organization of editions within a "Works page" is historically newest at top, oldest at bottom; except where multiple edition have same editor, where the new editions follow the editor's prior edition.

{{Text|Latin}} should be added prior to a listing of the "Original Text" in works page for a works whose lyrics are in LATIN. (Adjust to the lyric language as needed.) (This will make "Latin" flag appear)

{{Translation|English}} should be added prior to an English translation of the original lyrics. (Adjust to the translation language as needed.) (This will make "English" flag appear)

If the work's lyrics need documenting this should go on a separate line under the Composer: line, after adding <br> to the end of it.

( ie:

'''Composer:''' [[Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky]]<br> '''Lyricist or source of lyric:''' Reginald Heber (1783 - 1826)<br> )

If the work is a part of a larger work the entry on the composer page should point to a works page for the larger work ( ie. The Messiah ), and the movement or subsection should be pointed to by that page.

( ie: On Henry Purcell's composer page there is an entry for "Dido and Aeneas" a baroque opera. Clicking on this brings you to a "Larger-Works" page for the opera where all the individual movements are listed. Movement 38 is the famous solo often called "Dido's Lament", clicking on this could bring you to the "Works Page" for movement 38 - "Dido's Lament" if there were multiple editions of this famous movement. )

If the work is intended to be performed without accompanying instruments then under "Orchestration" the following entry should be made:

none, a cappella

This will allow searches for unaccompanied works.