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This is work in progress. Please leave comments on the talk page if you feel so inclined.
--Bobnotts talk 08:16, 7 August 2007 (PDT)

Composer pages should follow these guidelines. They are not absolute rules and may be ignored in specific cases when common sense dictates that another approach is preferable.

Note: the formatting of the opus number - the abbreviations Op. and No. are separated from the number by a space and from each other and the work title by commas
Additional note: individually numbered works of the same opus should normally be indexed separately and numbered as the example above. The exceptions are movements of a mass, oratorio or opera which are intended to be performed together. In these cases, all the movements should be on one page where it is practical.
  • Information specific to a certain edition of a work and not to the work itself should not be
  • When there are two or more editions of a work available, the bulleted link to a score page should be followed not by icons which link to scores but italicised text which states the number of editions available and, where appropriate, the nature of those editions, thus:
  • Each work should have a separate score page. Different editions of the same work should be contained on the same page with the most recently added score at the top, followed by next most recently added. Where there are many editions on the same page, it is necessary to separate them according to one of various critera. These include voicing, orchestration or the language of the text. See this page for an example.