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I just want to say a friendly "Hi!" to you. Fortiously I came to this page and wondered: A wiki for choral notes? I want to participate! ...Although my english isn't quite perfect ;)


I am the happy child who is just happy anyway... I don't know why, maybe because of the music... :D

And this is just one of the reasons, why I am perfect for those projects.

In my opinion my work here could be mostly done in producing MIDI-Files... (I hope you can understand, what I am trying to tell you)

I am also available at:


You are all individual persons so you can tell me everything you think... A nice greeting, a censure, a question, a nonsense-text, whatever ;) For that all I invite you to write me anything into my User_talk:Piano

OK, so far... I hope you enjoyed the time being here!

Yours, Piano