Vergine chiara

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General information

Lyricist: Francesco Petrarca. The sixth stanza of his Vergine poem.

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Text and translations

Italian.png Italian text

Vergine chiara e stabile in eterno,
Di questo tempestoso mare, stella,
D’ogni fedel nocchier fidata guida;
Pon’ mente in che terribile procella,
I’mi ritrovo, sol, senza governo,
Ed ho già da vicin l’ultime strida.
Ma pur in te l’anima mia si fida;
Peccatrice, i’no’l nego,
Vergine; ma ti prego
Che’l tuo nemico del mio mal non rida.
Ricorditi che fece il peccar nostro
Prender Dio, per scamparne,
Umana carne al tuo virginal chiostro.

English.png English translation

Bright Virgin, fixed in eternity,
Of this tempestuous sea, the star,
And of every faithful mariner, the trustworthy guide;
See how in so terrible a storm
I find myself alone, without a helm,
And already my last cry is near.
But still in you my soul puts its trust;
A sinner, I do not deny it,
O Virgin, but I pray
That your enemy should not laugh at my trouble.
Remember that our sin
Caused God, that we should escape it,
To take human flesh in the cloister of your virginity.

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