Vivere vis recte

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General information

Lyricist: Jacob Micyllus in Sylvarum libri quinque (Peter Brubach, Frankfurt, 1564)

The second of two poems under the title Confide et ama (the first being Confisus Domino. Confide et ama ("trust and love") was the motto of George of Austria (1505–1557), illegitimate son of Emperor Maximilan I and Prince-Bishop of Liège.

Based on Matthew 22:37,40, 7:12.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Vivere vis recte? Dominum cole pectore toto,
Ingenii atque animi cura sit ille1 tui.
Lex ea praecipua est, et prodita summa Prophetis,
Divina Mosi tradita prima manu.

Proxima cui2 deinceps, ut ames genus omne tuorum,
Et facias aliis quod3 cupis ipse pati.
Reque iuves miseros, verbis solere dolentes,
Gratiaque afflictis sit tua prompta viris.

  1. Gerarde and Wismes have "illa"
  2. Wismes has "sed"
  3. Wismes has "quae"


English.png English translation

You wish to live aright? Worship the Lord with a whole heart;
let that be the concern of your mind and soul.
This law is pre-eminent, and produced the whole of the Prophets,
first passed down by the divine hand to Moses.

The next after which, that you love all of your neighbours,
and you do to others what you would desire to endure yourself.
And by this may you help the poor, to give words of comfort to the suffering,
and may it be by your ready grace to the afflicted.