Andrija Patricij-Petris

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Aliases: Andrija Patricije, Petris


Born: unknown

Died: unknown

Andrija Patricij (Petris), a musician from the island of Cres, came from the same noble family as the philosopher Franjo Patricij, who was probably younger than Andrija. The exact years of his birth and death remain unknown. We only know that he worked in the mid-16th century and died later that same century. Patricij was a master of the renaissance madrigal and a contemporary of Marenzi, Gesualdo da Venosa and Monteverdi. The four of his madrigals that have been preserved attest to his great ability as a composer and his knowledge of recent renaissance musical movements.

They were published as part of Antonio Bargese's collection Il primo libro de Vilotte (Venice 1550) are the oldest published polyphonic compositions by a Croatian author.

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