Harmonia Americana (Samuel Holyoke)

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General Information

Title: Harmonia Americana

Full Title: Harmonia Americana: Containing a Concise Introduction to the Grounds of Music, with a Variety of Airs, Suitable for Divine Worship, and the Use of Musical Societies. Consisting of Three and Four Parts.

Composer – Compiler: Samuel Holyoke

Publication date and place: 1791 by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews in Boston, 120 pp.


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Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer Arranger Lyricist First Line Genre Subgenre Vo. Meter
Andover Samuel Holyoke Charles Wesley And let this feeble body fail Sacred 3 86. 86. D (C.M.D.)
Arnheim Samuel Holyoke Isaac Watts All ye bright armies of the skies Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Austria Samuel Holyoke Isaac Watts Ye that obey the immortal King Sacred 3 86. 86 (C.M.)
Boxford Samuel Holyoke John Lathrop This is the day when Christ arose Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
Brandon Samuel Holyoke Anonymous The scattered clouds are fled at last Secular 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
Burlington Samuel Holyoke Joel Barlow Awake, my soul, to sound his praise Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Champlain Samuel Holyoke Thomas Scott Angels, roll the rock away Sacred Anthems 3
Chelsea Samuel Holyoke Isaac Watts Thou sacred one, almighty three Sacred Set pieces 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
The Close of the Year Samuel Holyoke Anonymous So fly our months and years Secular 3 66. 66
Consolation Samuel Holyoke Isaac Watts Hear what the voice from heaven declares Sacred Set pieces 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Cyrene Samuel Holyoke Henry Alline Why will ye die, O wretched man Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Edenvale Samuel Holyoke Henry Alline Too mean this little globe for me Sacred 4 886. 886
Edinburgh Samuel Holyoke Philip Doddridge Ye heavens, with sounds of triumph ring Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
Fernay Samuel Holyoke Isaac Watts Glory to God the Father's name Sacred 3 86. 86 (C.M.)
Hinsdale Samuel Holyoke Isaac Watts Thou wilt reveal the paths of life Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Laindon Samuel Holyoke Anonymous No songs of triumph now be sung Sacred 3 86. 86 (C.M.)
Milbury Samuel Holyoke Tate and Brady Have mercy, Lord, on me Sacred 4 66. 86 (S.M.)
Ohio Samuel Holyoke Isaac Watts I'll praise my Maker with my breath Sacred 4 88. 88. 88
Portland Samuel Holyoke Isaac Watts Sacred Set pieces 3
Praise waiteth for thee Samuel Holyoke Sacred Anthems 4
Ringe Samuel Holyoke Isaac Watts My thoughts surmount these lower skies Sacred 3 86. 86 (C.M.)
Sturbridge Samuel Holyoke Philip Doddridge Indulgent God, with pitying eye Sacred 3 86. 86 (C.M.)
Sunbury Samuel Holyoke Henry Alline Hard heart of mine, O that the Lord Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Sweden Samuel Holyoke Henry Alline Jesus the Lord forever reigns Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Vienna Samuel Holyoke Henry Alline O how distressing was the scene Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
Wenham Samuel Holyoke Tate and Brady Lord, hear the voice of my complaint Sacred Psalm-tunes 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Yarmouth Samuel Holyoke Henry Alline Adieu to earth with all your joy Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)